Los Perros Urban Farming

A small-scale Urban Farm in Västra Skrävlinge, Malmö


Sofia, Buddha, Stretch the Dog and our newest family member, Cleo, are: Los Perros Urban Farming.

We are a small-scale market garden based in Västra Skravlinge, Malmö on 2500m2 within the city limits. We are always experimenting with new crops while of course, growing the classics at the same time. We grow everything in the open, using only hand tools, custom built Broadforks, organic seeds & different composting methods, like vermicompost (worm compost) & Bokashi. 

We aim to use everything that we produce while also pushing ourselves & the restaurants we work with to try new, unique ways to try our crops. We are always testing out new ways to raise our crops to get the maximum yield while caring for the soil & thinking of the next crop that will be in its place.

We grow using organic principles and follow Permaculture guidelines.



ALL our deliveries are done by bike, keeping it local & emission free.


Have you heard of Reko-ring?


In the Spring of 2017, together with some other like-minded people, Los Perros Urban Farming started up REKO-RING MALMÖ; An online style of farmers market.

Each week different local farmers, bakers, butchers and other organic producers put out ads for 'What's Harvesting This Week', people comment of which posts they would like to buy something from, a total amount is decided and paid for in advance... next step, pick up your pre-ordered goods. 

                                       The best part - Because everything is pre-ordered, THERE IS NO WASTE! 

This is a direct way for locals to meet and support local farmers & producers without any middle hands. We are currently using Facebook as the platform for this. Join the group (link below). If you are interested in buying from us but don't have Facebook, send us an email and we can send you our weekly Fresh List (e-mail below)

The Drop-Off point is Thursday's 17:30-18:30, in the parking of Kommendanthuset (Malmöhusvägen 5, opposite Malmö Museet)

Join the food revolution.


We also offer restaurant supply, community education, workshops, farmers markets, and weekly surprise veggie bags.



Västra Skravlinge
Malmö, Skåne


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