We run our urban farm using only hand tools (machine free), we also keep it poison FREE by staying away from pesticides & only using sustainable types of fertilisers, such as manure, compost, Bokashi & worm compost. ALL of our deliveries are also done by bicycle making the entire process from seed to table as green as possible.

We are an Urban Farm based in the heart of Malmö showing how Small Scale Farming & direct contact with our consumers is a more sustainable way of living & growing.

How to buy from us

If you would like to buy our locally grown vegetables, the best way right now, is via Reko-Ring Malmö. Reko-Ring is a Facebook group where we (among other producers) put out weekly ads with what we are harvesting that week, you order by making a comment on the post, and pick everything up at a set time and place. An online farmer's market, where everything is done in advance and you get to meet your farmers in person, skipping middle hands, and unnecessary food waste!


Restaurants we work with

Restaurant’s that would like to work together with us please send us an email to: LosPerrosUrbanFarming [at] gmail [dot] com

Some of the restaurants that we have worked together with so far includes:




  • QUÉ




  • and many more